[SATLUG] which laptop to buy?

Sondy Coker defc0n1 at wt.net
Tue Aug 6 01:11:01 CDT 2002

Yes as a matter of fact mine is dual booted with Win2k.  I used PM7 to
partition my disk after I wiped off XP.  PM is your friend :-)


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Has anybody tried to split the disk with Partition Magic or like product
and put Linux on the Satellite...   I have one, and would love to try


Sondy Coker wrote:

>I bought a Toshiba Satellite a few months ago and wiped XP off and slapped
>on Debian, and it works great.  Best of all its a great laptop for the
>price, $1,078 total at CompUSA and it also included a $100 rebate.  The
>problem I have with the laptop is that there wasn't a NIC included, but
>other than that I would totally recommend any Toshiba or Dell.
>Sondy Coker
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>ill be starting college in a few weeks and NEED a notebook.  ive tried the
>compaq 722us (and returned it-- the whole thing crashed when i ran the
>openoffice setup) and now have a compaq 900us which i cant get rh7.3 on.
>install program boots from the cdrom but then cant find the install disk in
>the same drive!
>"linux expert noprobe" and booting from a disk dont work and the folks at
>compaq and rh both seem to be stumped.
>also when i try to split the disk with pm7 i get the error about the size
>the fat table not matching (which isnt a big deal because i wont be running
>windows at all: i just cant figure out how to use xp's cryptic ui.)
>if anyone has success stories with their own notebook any help would be
>immeasurably appreciated.  since the models listed on
>www.linux-on-laptops.com are no longer being sold its hard to find a model
>the series of models posted that the manufacturer hasnt completely redone
>learned this the hard way with the compaq 700: models 730 and above use an
>unsupported graphics card.)
>fortunately best buy will let me return this notebook for a different one
>without a penalty.
>thanks in advance--
>matt hutchinson
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