[SATLUG] Printing on home network

Aaron Konstam akonstam at Trinity.Edu
Wed Aug 21 19:24:01 CDT 2002

On Wed, Aug 21, 2002 at 01:45:02PM -0500, Karl.Kutac at siriuscom.com wrote:
> Hi. More newbie admin questions. I have a desktop RH7.3 box attached to an
> SMC Barricade router (and the router is attached to the RoadRunner cable
> modem). My printer, an NEC 950C (inkjet) is attached to the router, too. A
> common enough arrangement, I'm sure. Question: how do I configure
> printconf, or printtool? It would be a remote printer, yes? Yet when I put
> in the IP address of the router, it doesn't print. Is anyone familiar with
> the SMC Barricade vis a vis Linux? Is there a specific virtual server port
> that needs to be set up? What confuses me more than anything is that there
> can't be any queue on a router, so surely print jobs need to be sent to my
> desktop machine, so that lpd can handle it; how will the lpd know where to
> send the print jobs?
> (btw, can't directly attach printer via lpt0 because two other computers
> live on the network, a w98 box and at times a laptop running either RH or
> win2k.)
> -- Karl Kutac
If the printer is on a router which has a printer it should be possible
to print using printconf-gui. Name the printer, say it is a remote Unix
printer, give its address as the address of the router and the queue as
raw. The type of printer will probably be postscript.
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