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I have used Earthlink for a very long time (sort of --Netcom was bought out by Mindspring which was bought out by Earthlink, but thankfully they have left alone the Netcom domain name, and my email address).  I have been sent on TDY by the AF to some remote locations here in the US and have not had a problem finding a local number.  Earthlink is huge.  I just need to remember to look up the numbers before I leave.  I have been TDY to Ft Walton several times.  Destin is an expensive place to live or stay and if they have some rediculous toll charge for calling FWB, Valparaisom, etc (just a few miles across the bay plus a few extra miles to go around over the bridges), then I guess the toll call to FWB is a tax for being rich :-) .  I have never stayed in Destin because DoD Per Diem will not cover it (and are a waste of travel funds) and there are plenty of hotels in FWB offering great rates (including on the Gulf or Bay if you are so inclined). 

The only problem I have had is some motel/hotels charge $.50-$2 just to make a local/toll-free call... I try to avoid giving them my business if that is the case.  Usually I can get out of those charges by making the hotel arrangements through the local base billeting office (on-base billeting is often too full to allow my entire team to stay).

If I have to use broadband access other than Earthlink, then I can get away with paying $6.95/month for the Light Maintenance Account (or whatever they call it) and still have 5 hours/month of dial-up access, my 10MB webspace, and not lose the email address I have had since Feb 96 when I had to give up my old college email address (which I had since Aug 91).  They have other low pricing for more hours of dial-up as well.  Something else I appreciate is I do not have to use their software to dial up or access my account when I am using alternate broadband access.

Like several others have suggested, I switched my RoadRunner access to Earthlink Cable Modem (over Time Warner's lines) when they offered it here.  I did it over the phone and did not even have to trade out my cable modem or have someone visit.  You might even get a free month out of the switch if Earthlink is running a promotion.


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> I ordered 200 oxen, but gboswell <gboswell at accd.edu>
sent me this instead:

> Zeb, Just switch to Earthlink Cable, runs on RoadRunner cable, is
> $5.00 a month cheaper, and you get a free dial up account with
> it. When I used to go over to take care of my mom I could use the
> dial-up to access e-mail etc. I also use it when I travel, and there
> is no where in the US that they don't have a local number to
> call. 

This isn't true.  We went on a vacation in April that included 3 days in Destin, FL.  No joy in finding a local earthlink number.  I did figure out how to setup XP dial prefs to use a calling card, though.

If you have a PDA, Earthlink provides an app with their access number database so you can search for a number based on your location or area code.

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