[SATLUG] O'Reilly Book Giveaway

Chuck Chuck at Tetlow.Net
Mon May 12 17:05:03 CDT 2003

Hey group,

Just a quick note about the next meeting.  We recently received a box of
goodies from O'Reilly.  It included catalogs of their offerings and 20%
discount certificates for SATLUG members.

BUT, it also included a couple of their books.  One was the new release
"Linux Server Hacks" by Rob Flickenger.  The second book is the latest
release of "Running Linux" (4th Edition) by Welsh, Dalheimer, Dawson, &

We plan on giving away one of these books as a door prize at each of the
next two meetings.  Which one at which meeting is up in the air.  And
we'll have to come up with a fair method of giving them away.  But they
WILL be given away.  Just one more good reason to come to the

So, hope to see everyone at the June meeting.  Catalogs & discount forms
available for all.  And a book for one lucky person.


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