[SATLUG] Sharing a web page????

Bryan S. Scott bscott at strategal.com
Tue May 13 00:00:03 CDT 2003

Hi Larry,

Sorry for the delay in response. It appears that with your constraints
you are asking for a 'blog' weblog. I think this would fit the bill
according to the needs you've posted. I've included some links to some
blog like software below. Hope this helps, and sorry for the delay.


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From: Larry Blodgett [mailto:lblodgett at macosx.com] 

Is there any software I can use to share some form of web page so that
several people can add, delete or modify information on the page?  Kind
of like a scratch pad area.  This document would of course be password
protected like any protected web page in a directory.

Does PHP groupware do this kind of thing?

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