[SATLUG] Installing Debian with Red Hat

Justin Ryan justin at gnubia.net
Wed May 14 13:55:03 CDT 2003

> when am going to use something other than stable i
> only install the base.  so i don't run dselect or
> tasksel during the install. after i have it installed
> i edit /etc/apt/sources.list and then run tasksel. 
> this way you don't have to upgrade as many packages.  

Also, upgrading stuff like X and GNOME is always more broken than
installing from scratch..

> > Configuring X with the Debian tools was not working
> > for me. So, I copied
> > the important parts from the RH file and that got x
> > working. 

Learning to understand the X config file without any tools will save you
much grief :)

I generally use debconf to configure X, but if it's broken, I can always
fix it by hand.

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