[SATLUG] Red Carpet rpm

Julian Peterson weaver at merold.net
Sat May 17 21:39:01 CDT 2003

On Sun, 18 May 2003 1:22 pm NZST, Thomas King wrote:
> I am wanting to try out Ximian's Red Carpet to see how my system reacts
> with it, but their installation instructions don't make enough sense.
>    1. Download the Red Carpet packages for Red Hat Linux 9 for x86.
>    2. Use the su command to become root.
>    3. Use your distribution's default software installation tools to
> install as in the example below:
>                           rpm -Uvh <red carpet rpm> <rcd rpm> <rc rpm>
> Step 1: there is only one package - the Red Carpet rpm.

maybe they goofed? and forgot the rcd and rc packages?

> Step 3: -U for update? Either using -ivh or -Uvh gives a dependency for
> the RCD package, but this package is no where to be found.

Using -U instead of -i is a good habit to get into.  -U will install the 
package if it's not installed already, but it will also replace the old 
one if it is.  -i won't remove the old package, and it's rare that you'll 
want 2 different versions of anything installed at the same time.

I found RCD here:

and rc too

(probably go for the highest stable version there, and avoid the snapshots 
if possible)

> Forgive this newbie such a simple problem, but has anyone had any
> experience with this software and can shed some light on their
> "example"?

I haven't played with red carpet at all, but I hope the above helps.


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