[SATLUG] Modem on RH7.3

Chris Hudson CHudson at karta.com
Mon May 19 14:18:01 CDT 2003

> What am I missing here - you can't plug your modem into a 
> *parallel* port,
> even if you have a cable that matches the pins.

 The modem came with a cable that had serial on one end which plugs into the
modem, and then the other end is a "Y" with two connectors:  serial and
parallel.  I'm using the parallel. 

> I have never seen a modem that works off of the parallel 
> port. If your bios
> reports using both a parallel port and 2 serial ports, you 
> need to have another
> connector for the second serial port somewhere - possibly a connector
> on the motherboard that needs to have a dongle attached? 

 I agree with you, I have the feeling that I'm "missing" a serial port.  I
opened the case last night and looked on the motherboard but couldn't find
it.  And like I said, I've only got one serial port on the back (used by the
mouse).  One thing I didn't clarify yesterday, I've actually got TWO
parallel ports on the back, a male and a female.  

 -- Chris Hudson

> short, I am
> pretty sure you will need to connect the modem to a serial 
> port before it
> is going to be recognized.
> Meanwhile, you can try to run the box in terminal/text mode 
> without a mouse
> and temporarily plug your modem into your mouse-serial port 
> (presumably /dev/ttyS0),
> then try minicom to dial out with the modem configured on 
> ttyS0. If that works,
> you should look for the second port on your motherboard. Your 
> MB manual may
> come in handy for that.
> Regards,
> -Borries
> > 
> > I have a question regarding how to configure a modem.  I 
> have a PC at home
> > running RedHat 7.3 and I got a Creative External Modem 
> (DE5621) for it (it's
> > not a WinModem).  I am having trouble configuring it though.  
> > 
> >  First, I'll start with the hardware.  I have a serial port 
> on the back of
> > the computer which my mouse is using (serial mouse); there 
> are no other
> > serial ports (except the one on the video card which my 
> monitor of course is
> > plugged in to).  Next to the serial mouse port is a 
> parallel port which I
> > plugged the modem in to.  Now if you hit DELETE at bootup 
> and go into the
> > BIOS, here is what you see for the hardware peripherals:  
> "Onboard Serial
> > Port 1:  3F8/IRQ4, Onboard Serial Port 2:  2F8/IRQ3, 
> Onboard Parallel Port:
> > 378H/IRQ7, Onboard Parallel Mode:  SPP".  
> > 
> >  Now for the software/device driver stuff:  I tried using 
> RedHat's Dialup
> > Configuration wizard, but it did not detect the modem.  It 
> ended up just
> > assigning it to /dev/ttyS1.  If I do a "setserial -g 
> /dev/ttyS1", I get:
> > "/dev/ttyS1, UART: 16550A, PORT:  0x02F8, IRQ: 3".  But 
> when I do the PPP
> > Dialer I get:  "WvDial:  Internet dialer version 1.41, 
> Initializing Modem,
> > Sending:  ATZ, Modem not responding, ERROR:  Unable to 
> initialize modem." 
> > 
> >  I suspect that I am not configuring the device driver 
> correctly (as far as
> > what dev to assign the modem to and/or what Interrupt and 
> IO Addresses to
> > use).  One thing that is strange is that the BIOS seems to 
> indicate the
> > presence of two serial ports and a parallel port (see 
> above), but I just see
> > ONE serial port (which the mouse is using) and the parallel 
> port (which my
> > modem is using) next to it.  I thought that maybe I needed 
> to use setserial
> > to change the IRQ and Interrupt that BIOS had set for the 
> parallel port, so
> > I did a "setserial /dev/ttyS1 irq 7 skip_test" but to no 
> avail.  This didn't
> > work but I'm wondering if I was on the right track and 
> perhaps only left out
> > changing ttyS1 to 2 or 3 after I changed the interrupt/IRQ 
> (will try that
> > shortly).  In the meantime, does anyone know of anything 
> I'm leaving out?  
> > 
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