[SATLUG] Microsoft's FUD attack against Linux?

Robert Pearson rdpears at sortonce.com
Sat May 24 22:46:02 CDT 2003

I am a Unix guy. I have loved Unix since I first worked on it. It is an
OS written by programmers for programmers which means it can be
configured or modified to your needs. This means you can have it
your way.

I am not pushing OS/2. It is now history. It would have been a better
Desktop OS than Windows anything. OS/2 did and still runs almost
all the applications that will run on Windows (and better). The
Apple Mac "OS X" is now the killer OS for the Desktop. We will
have to wait and see if it works for servers. It should. But will it
be better. Better is faster and cheaper.

Yes, one of the fun parts of Unix System Administration is writing
code; from scripts to C to C++ to Java. We better know how to
do this. We have needs the "big buck" vendors are not interested
in doing. Like automating repetitive tasks.

I miss cron and scripting most of all in the PC world. There is a
third party Windows equivalent but it is not as nice as the Unix
one. My favorite and most used Unix command was "rsh". The
Windows equivalent is not equal in function or reliability.

Try putting the BASH shell on Windows. Sometimes it works and
sometimes it is unpredictable. Give me Unix or Linux any day.

What I'm for now is Apple Mac Desktops and Linux blade servers.
What a combination! Blade servers because they are Plug-n-Play.
Apple Mac Desktops because they can turn Unix data into wonderful
pictures without special software or work. Did you ever collect all
that "sar" data and want a quick and easy way to graph it to try and
spot trends quickly? Or how about that SRM (Storage Resource
Manager) information on storage capacity, utilization and trends that
only comes in fancy tabular form? IOSTAT info? Network loading?
The list goes on.

The Apple Mac will do that with ease. I'm beginning to believe
having an Apple Powerbook with a Knoppix CD is better than
having a Windows laptop running Linux with the Knoppix CD.
The Knoppix CD is for machines in trouble. You get them running
with the Knoppix CD and copy the information to the laptop to take
with you. Or you can send it over the network if that will come up.

My second choice is all Linux with the Linux Desktops running
Codeweavers CrossOver office at $54.95 a copy for those who
need it. (www.codeweavers.com)

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Not that I know much about os/2, but I'm sure linux has a much larger
application base. IMO, linux is unix but with a breath of fresh code
that's more, and in some cases much more, efficient than any other unix
I have experiense with, which includes aix, hp-ux, solaris and bsd.

Robert Pearson wrote:
> Maybe you don't know IBM and Microsoft have always disliked each other.
> For years Microsoft produced the IBM version of DOS under an agreement
> signed by Bill Gates in the early years. Later Bill decide it was a
> (and it was) and became very difficult to deal with. He also had a good
> lawyer
> and was made aware he could produce an IBM DOS competitor named DOS.
> So IBM of Micro Channel Architecture (MCA) for PC fame (they also
> developed the PC) and Bill parted company. IBM's answer to Windows
> was OS/2, the most awesome operating ever written. So stated by my friends
> and even some Microsofties as a "Better Windows than Windows!".
> The problem was that Microsoft is a better marketing company in the
> PC area than IBM. The old line IBM management never knew what to
> do with OS/2 or PCs. They are rumors of OS/2 being brought back to life.
> Not likely to happen unless IBM adopts a reasonable attitude about
> licensing.
> The IBM management has set the price of OS/2 beyond reason to discourage
> its revival. Not sure why?
> In the "Best of all Possible Worlds" we would all be using Amigas, not
> made by Commodore, running OS/2 with P2P and be happier than clams.
> The main attraction of Linux is that it is freely available, just like BSD
> was.
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> When SCO Group (SCOX) in Lindon, Utah, sued IBM (NYSE: IBM)  on Mar. 7
> for $1 billion, claiming Big Blue unlawfully handed over parts of SCO's
> Unix software code to Linux developers, techies let out a Bronx cheer.
> IBM's huge investment in Linux has legitimized it with corporate users.
> Linux watchers perceived a lawsuit as the last desperate act of a
> struggling company (see Bw Online, 5/23/03, "Meet Linux's New Public
> Enemy No. 1").
> But on May 19, SCO got a hand from Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) , which
> agreed to license SCO's Unix technology. That sent shudders through the
> industry: "Microsoft is legitimizing this complaint," says analyst Tony
> Iams of D.H. Brown Associates, a market researcher in Port Chester, N.Y.
> Many Linux fans and industry analysts see an ulterior motive...
> http://www.osopinion.com/perl/story/21588.html
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