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Doug White doug at clickdoug.com
Sun May 25 10:35:03 CDT 2003

Actually, while it may be a great attempt to get you off if spammers' lists, it
serves to do just the opposite.
If a spammer is a subscriber to their server, and I imagine very few of them
are. they run their mail lists against the database, and are able to extract all
the "good" email addresses that appear there, and subject them to even more
spam.  These "live" email addresses are prized by spammers, and are sold, and
re-sold time and again.  You have, of course heard of the "millions CD"
variations in which spammers re-sell your information to other spammers.

It still remains good advice to never do business with a spammer, never reply to
a "remove" link, and then set up an effective filtering system to reduce the
incidence of spam.    The more people that report spam to organizations such as
http://spamcop.net  the more current the blacklists, which are used for blocking
further spew from that spammer.

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