[SATLUG] It Sucks! Or Does It Blow?

Chuck Chuck at Tetlow.Net
Mon May 26 19:34:01 CDT 2003

Depends on where its located Chris.  I have a very tall case that has
one at the top back exhausting hot air.  And a big one at the bottom
front bringing in cool, filtered air across the motherboard.  And of
course, the power supply fan middle back is exhausting hot air also.

You have to be careful about how you do it also.  If you put two/three
fans sucking air out of the case, remember that it has to come in
somewhere.  I had a friend with three exhaust fans on his system.  It
built up dust around every drive, in the slot of the floppy, and around
all the ports in back.  And since he was a heavy smoker, it turned into
a heavy, gooky black fluff that ruined his floppy & CD drives.

So, you want to balance the amount of air coming out with what is being
put in.  And if possible, overpressure the case.  That will keep the
dust from coming in all the cracks.  And if you filter it, there won't
be any dust coming in to gather.


On Mon, 2003-05-26 at 17:24, Chris Montgomery wrote:
> Howdy SATLUG,
>   I took the case cooling fan out of my old Gateway machine and
>   temporarily installed it in my desktop. It works, but I have a
>   question for anyone who builds computers - is the fan supposed to suck
>   air out of the case, or blow it in? Or does it matter? Right now I
>   have it sucking hot air out of the case.
>   Thanks.
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> Chris Montgomery
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