[SATLUG] DNS to Domain Conversion

Steven Winston swinston at trinity.edu
Mon May 26 22:12:01 CDT 2003

On 2003.05.26 20:57, Lou Warnholtz wrote:
> If possible, how and/or where can you convert a DNS number to Domain
> name?
> Looked at whois but either didn't recognize it, or wasn't available.

There's several ways of doing this.  Here's the ones that don't require 
scripting or coding (which by the way are quite easy if this is all 
you're looking for).  Try using the following from a command prompt:
dig -x  (-x means convert back to Domain name, if you like 
the older RFC1886 method than use -n aswell).

If you're looking for the method in programing:  They're all pretty 
much the same; syntax varies but take a look at the gethostbyaddr 
(gethostbyname goes other way) function it's in scripting languages 
(perl, php, python etc.) and in real languages (windows does some funny 
things with the headers, but I think it's in winsock.h for C, java 
pretty much acts the same everywhere).

hope that helps...
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