[SATLUG] Linuxcruelunch and Debian options, Resume Workshop

dvmail at texas.net dvmail at texas.net
Tue May 27 11:51:23 CDT 2003

There's a lot of cool configuration stuff in Debian that I like to use. I have 
my notes somewhere... 

I'd like to have a resume workshop, since a lot of people have asked me about 
that. This would be aimed at high school students (I've seen a lot of them who 
show great wisdom beyond their years and who have great potential) to others 
who want to get their foot in the door of the IT industry. I'll check my 
schedule and post a request for people to let me know if they can attend. This
will help me decide location and time. I am willing to listen to all 
constructive ideas/suggestions. If this sounds interesting, you don't have to 
wait, you can send me an e-mail at dvmail at texas.net

have fun!
Daniel Villarreal

Note: The linuxcrue domain names are to be parked shortly, till I can make 
further arrangements and I also need to pay for the hosting for the last few 
months, many thanks to Matt Montgomery and Day32.com for their hosting services.

> you should try to remove it with dpkg purge <package>.
>  if you don't care try dselect to remove it.   dselect
> was the old front end for dpkg.  dselect is hard to
> navagate.  a last resort would be to kill it in the
> directory /var/lib/dpkg/
from the linuxcrue mailing list... due to go off-line shortly at the end of 
this month, pending further arrangements...
> --- Chris Lee <lvance at satx.rr.com> wrote:
> > I'm running debian installed from knoppix.
> > 
> > I have a package that will not upgrade or let me
> > remove it with apt-get.
> > I'm unable to install or upgrade anything else
> > because apt-get errors out on 
> > this package before it installs anything else.
> > 
> > cloop-utils is the package that woln't upgrade.
> > Is there a safe way to fix this?
> > 
> > 
> >  
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