[SATLUG] Linux in Business

Travis Miller tmiller at web-1hosting.net
Fri May 30 00:30:03 CDT 2003


We use linux where I work (http://www.web-1hosting.net) for everything:
Web servers, file servers, pop3/smtp, ftp, nfs, ntp, the list goes 
on.... and OpenBSD for DNS (which, *brag* *brag*, all our OpenBSD 
machines have an uptime of over 500 days and three of our linux boxes 
are over 350 days... yay for stability!).  In fact, we don't even have a 
server with windows on it... I think there are two desktops with win2k 

Good luck with the presentation!

- Travis

P.S. - I also attend Trinity University where they use Redhat in pretty 
much all the C.S. Labs.

Chuck wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I'm a little late on the ball and am trying to throw together a quick
> presentation for tomorrow.  I'm trying to get as complete a list as
> possible of different companies in SA/South Texas that are using Linux.
> Please, everyone who knows of a company that is using Linux -- send back
> a quick reply with the name and any details you know of.
> Thanks,
> Chuck
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