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Seattle And Other Cities Ban Free Public Wi-Fi
04.05.2005 09:38 by downhill 


Seattle's City Council has passed an emergency measure to ban free
Wi-Fi access within city limits, following testimony from experts and
fire officials regarding their investigation of last week's explosion
at the popular "Beans, Beans, The Magical Fruit" coffeehouse. The
measure takes effect immediately; individuals or businesses found to
be operating unregulated Wi-Fi access will be subject to misdemeanor
charges, confiscation of Wi-Fi equipment, and fines of up to $5,000.
Seattle will also create a Wi-Fi Testing Foundation (WTF) to assess
and regulate Wi-Fi access within city limits. The WTF will consider a
proposal in which users of Wi-Fi would be required by law to limit
their use in coffeehouses to email and text-only Web sites (or Web
browsing which images turned off).

Lead fire investigator Cindy Aerie noted that while the official
investigation was not yet complete, all evidence indicated the
explosion was caused by the owners' re-locating one of the
establishment's two high-capacity espresso machines to make room for
more seating. The machine's new location was at the center of an
invisible "Wi-Fi hotzone" within the building, where transmission
traffic from wireless Internet users and hardware both inside the
coffeehouse and from nearby homes and businesses focussed and excited
water molecules in the air and within the coffee machine's boiler.


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