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Antonio hapihakr at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 6 15:40:44 CDT 2005

Open the PDF file in gimp. Select the image of the
page you want (each page is a separate image). On the
menu go to "File|Save As". Click the button "Determine
file type by extension" and select BMP. Save the
image, close gimp, and open a new document in your
favorite word processor. Insert the image into the new
document and insert text boxes as appropriate. Print
and save.

Note: you can adjust both the resolution used to load
the image into gimp and the resolution used to save
the bitmap file. Also, your word processor may adjust
the resolution as well. The quality of your final
image will depend on these factors.


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> Another option is to save the pdf document as an
> file, insert the image into a word processing

Is there any way to export a PDF file to an image
Or do you have to go through postscript and some of
ps2bitmap converters?


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