[SATLUG] What did MS copy?

Mike Wallace mikeaw at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 01:01:19 CDT 2005

Another idea of what M$ took from others ... way back in the late 90s,
Microsoft bought HotMail which was running under FreeBSD/Apache and
Solaris.  MS tried a couple of times to convert the machines to NT and
failed.  If memory serves, they finally managed to migrate the FreeBSD
to Windows 2000, but I haven't heard anything with respect to the
Solaris machines.  For all we know, HotMail is still running on
Solaris rather than Windows.  Someone correct me if I'm recalling
something wrong here.

As for something original from MS, there's DOS ... oh, wait, they
bought that for a song.  Well there was Windows ... which was a ripoff
of Macintosh.  But there are a number of smaller programs they
developed... er, got when they bought out their competition.  MS
apparently developed Visual Basic.  No one other than Microsoft would
not only develop a language that retarded but also have their
programmers actually try to do something with it.  MS also gets
accolades for developing Access, one of the crappiest so-called
databases in memory.  For graphics, there's MS Paint!  Now that's a
winner.  The Gimp doesn't have anything on MS Paint.

I could go on, but why?


On 06 Apr 2005 23:36:26 -0500, Chuck <chuck at tetlow.net> wrote:
> How about asking him for something original from M$???  Not their
> original OS -- they milked that deal from the original writer and IBM.
> Not the GUI -- they stole that from Apple.  Not most of their IP stacks
> -- they got that from BSD I've heard.  Not most of their programs,
> they've either stolen them, run the other companies out of business
> (Netscape), or just bought up the smaller/better guys.  And everything
> they touch -- they screw up (Java and Kerbos are the most recent
> examples).
> Maybe the only original ideas they had was putting scripting
> capabilities into their mail clients and browsers.  And everyone knows
> what that's done!!!  Turned the Internet into the biggest virus
> distribution system conceivable.  Think about it -- the only way things
> could be worse would be M$'s stand on security if Linux hadn't come
> along and kicked its ass.  Its only because Linux can be secure that
> they finally got the idea.
> Chuck
> On Wed, 2005-04-06 at 22:37, Raul S. wrote:
>     I was talking to a friend of mine and he mentioned
>     something about linux on his email so this is what I
>     told him:
>     Hey, so are you learning linux. Good, you finally saw
>     the light. You'll love it!
>     He responded by email with this:
>     Right now the light is just a flicker

>     Its another OS, not enough software out there for it 

>     what there is 

>     its clumsy, and a cheesy ripoff of windows apps
>     I'd like to see more ORIGINAL apps
>     Gimme something WINDOWS is copying from RHL

>     suggestions?
>     ---
>     So my question is, being a Linux amateur, what should
>     I tell him? suggestions?
>     Thanks.
>     Raul
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