[SATLUG] Software interaction question

Chuck chuck at tetlow.net
Tue Apr 12 00:11:27 CDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-04-11 at 16:24, Andrew Hodel wrote:

    It all depends on how ./configure is ran when building apache:
    will use the version of gd installed in /usr/local/gd
    Redhat builds php to use the version of gd that is part of whatever 
    distribution, eg RH9.
    If you create a script in your webroot:
    echo "<? phpinfo(); ?>" > /var/www/html/phpinfo.php
    And go to:
    You will see the configure line used to build php, hence, where it is 
    getting gd from.
    I suppose you could just create a symbolic link or move the new gd files 
    there, but that is ugly and probably won't work.
    My honest suggestion is to upgrade the entire box (debian sarge is 
    nice), but if you absolutely can't do that for some very odd reason, you 
    can also rebuild apache, php, and gd from source


I tried the link method and it didn't work.  So, although RPM shows PHP
needing the libgd.so.1.8.4 file, that obviously isn't how PHP calls gd. 
I've reviewed that PHP file before to get version numbers, I'll check it
on this box -- but I don't know that it will do any good.  I've already
gone over and over the /etc/php.ini file and can't find where its
calling gd in that.

As you suggest, I suspect the version of PHP is closely tied to the
version of gd.  But upgrading PHP could cause a mess.  This is a box
that I've built with a LOT of customizations to be a full
'virtual-hosting server'.  I'm afraid upgrading the PHP will require
upgrading Apache, etc all... which could break some of the things that I
finally got working.  But I guess that's my only choice.

When I finally get caught up on the tax paperwork and work on my plane,
I'll start working on the upgrades and let you know how it goes.  Thanks
for the suggestions Andrew.


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