[SATLUG] POLL: Your DNS server's resolv.conf is set to...

Eli eli at then7.com
Thu Apr 14 00:36:45 CDT 2005

Hello Everyone,

I have a conundrum that has nagged me for quite some time. When you have
two bind9 name servers running as master/slave, what do you use for each
server's first nameserver entry in resolv.conf?

1) itself,

2) itself, valid public ip

3) the other server's ip (i.e. if on master, use slave ip and vice versa)

4) third server, not in the master/slave chain.

I'd be interested in knowing what you folks use.  I've used 1, 3 & 4, with
interesting side effects in certain cases.  Especially if the DNS server
in question is also a web or mail server.


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