Damian Smith dsmith at divergentlines.com
Sun Apr 17 15:43:34 CDT 2005

You can download the SUSE ISOs at 
, 9.2 ISO is at the bottom third of the page.  About a month after they 
release a new version, they'll release an ISO on their site for the 
"Personal" (as opposed to "Professional") version.  The difference is 
that it does not come with any proprietaty software (eg. StarOffice, 
etc.), fewer devel packages, and fewer of the less obscure packages.  
Any free RPMs not on the Personal ISO can be downloaded at various 
places on the net.

The Live, or Eval, versions are pretty much the same as the Personal 
versions; fewer packages, no proprietary software.  A lot of people have 
had a hard time getting the Live versions to work, so they seem to not 
really give a good look at SUSE.


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