[SATLUG] procmail help

Zeb Fletcher zeb.fletcher at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 14:25:10 CDT 2005

I need some help with procmail. I want to run a perl script everytime
that I get an e-mail. I don't need to send anything to the script
(header or body). It is basically a script that downloads the e-mail
for me and grabs the attachments. I don't want to run cron every
halfhour though it's looking more and more like I'm going to go that

I know that procmail is working with sendmail because I can see in the
log file when new mail comes in, what I can't get it to do is run the
perl script.

here is my rule for the mail 
:0 *| mailstrip.pl

the $PATH variable is set to $HOME:$PATH  the script is in the user directory. 


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