[SATLUG] vmware

M. Filio mdfilio at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 16:06:51 CDT 2005

I haven't installed vmware but I know you have to have a license to
run it. Could it be something related to that?

>From the vmware website:

Installing VMware Workstation 5 on a Linux Host
Getting started with VMware Workstation is simple. The key steps are
1. Install the VMware Workstation software as described in Installing
Workstation on a Linux Host.
2. Start VMware Workstation
3. Enter your serial number.

You need to do this only once. If you don't already have a serial
number configured from a previous installation, you are prompted for
the serial number when you start Workstation. To enter the serial
number choose Help > Enter Serial Number.

Note: You can install Workstation without a serial number. However you
cannot power on a virtual machine without entering a serial number.

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