[SATLUG] Webmail For Linux

Jesse Gonzalez jesse.gonzalez.jr at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 10:19:43 CDT 2005

We use Iloha, with postfix, virtual domains, mysql,  and imap. All
runs well here.

> I'm trying to find one that will work using POP and/or IMAP protocols
> instead of accessing the mailfiles or maildirs directly.  The reason for
> it is we have a number of servers that all handle e-mail for separate
> domains.  I don't want to have to install a separate webmail package on
> each server to handle that task.  Besides, a couple of the servers are
> virtual servers.  They use maildirs for mail storage and MySQL for user
> information/authentication.  And the only webmail package that will
> handle that is an older package called V-Webmail (pretty old, plain
> interface, no features at all).

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