[SATLUG] 802.11b Wireless Adapter for Desktop

Sexton, Art, ISD ASexton956 at worldsavings.com
Mon Apr 25 12:33:16 CDT 2005

Perhaps I am just a wuss but I took the coward's way out and just bought
a bridge device than runs on its own with an ethernet output...


No drivers to worrry about and it works well for me.  

Hope this helps.

Art Sexton

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>Can anyone recommend an 802.11b wireless adapter that works with a 
>linux desktop computer?  I'd prefer a USB model if possible, but if 
>that is not an option I suppose I could get the pci adapter kind. Your 
>input is much appreciated.

Google is your friend. I found this howto pretty easily; it even
includes info on an old Compaq USB adapter I picked up last year. Who
would have imagined it was supported under Linux?

I'd suggest getting the Sunday ads and seeing what's on sale, then
checking the howto(s) (and Google) for Linux driver horror stories and

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