[SATLUG] 802.11b Wireless Adapter for Desktop

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Tue Apr 26 12:14:55 CDT 2005

Most of the consumer WiFi devices will not operate will (if at all) with a
room temp above 132 deg F.  You attic gets hotter than that here in San
Antonio unless it has A/C.


Quoting Thomas Cameron <thomas.cameron at camerontech.com>:

> > Thomas,
> >
> > Well you "could" put coax between the bridge and antenna but you might 
> > lose a
> > bunch of signal that way.
> No, no, I meant put the bridge anywhere, not just the antenna.  Sorry.
> > Since you have an ethernet port, you could run
> > maybe 100-150 ft of CAT V cable to it and maybe put it on the roof of
> your
> > house.  You might want to cover it with a tupperware container to keep it
> > dry.
> > Oh, the power...well run an extension cord up to the roof and plug in
> the
> > walwart to the extension cord...keep that dry also.
> I'm thinking the attic would be a great place, except that I don't know how
> sensitive these things are to heat.  As I'm sure you know, it gets mighty 
> warm in a Texas attic in the summer!
> What I really had in mind is that in my office I only have 6 ports
> available 
> (I rewired my house last year putting 4 ports in each room except the 
> office - I thought 6 would be enough.  I was wrong) but about 8 ethernet 
> devices.  So I could get one of these bridges, run an ethernet cable from
> my 
> wife's PC to the bridge then set the bridge on top of her bookshelf.  That
> would free up a port.
> > Most of these bridges are controlled through a simple web server
> > interface...just connect to the IP address and set it up.  Then forget 
> > about
> > it on the network.
> So I assume that when you first plug it in it just grabs the next available
> DHCP address?
> > Well maybe its not quite that simple....so do read the manual.
> Heh - will do, thanks!
> > Walt
> Thomas 
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