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Karl Oelschlaeger karl at oelschlaeger.ws
Tue Feb 22 18:46:40 CST 2005

On Tue, 2005-02-22 at 11:20, Chuck Lowe wrote:

> I tried using "sndconfig" after typing "su" and it came back "no such 
> command".  I was in root directory at the time.
> For: HTH
> I tried to config all the options offered  in the Control Panel but all I got 
> was an error message that stated:
> 		Error Message: Error while initializing the sound driver.  No such Device.
> 					 Sound server will continue using null output device.
> I went to system info and it indicated that nothing was configured and that 
> there wasnt any sound card.
> The sound card that I have installed worked fine in windows.  The card is a 
> Sound Blaster Audigy LS, 24 bit HD.
> It sounds like Linux doesnt have  a driver for this card.

There is a linux driver. In ALSA it's called audigyls. The module
(driver whatever you wish to call it) is on the live cd, but I cannot
get it to do a modprobe. What you can try from the command line is:

cd /linux/lib/modules/2.6.7/updates/alsa/pci/emi10k1

That should hopefully get you to where the module is. Then:

modprobe ./snd-audigyls

You may have to try variants of that such as snd-audigyls.k or
snd-audigy.ko . It may not work at all. Like I said I was unsuccessful
when I tried this, but it just might for you.

Just for laughs, from the command line try

modprobe snd-audigyls


locate audigy

and see what it gets you. If you don't see anything that has audigyls in
it, you may have to hit ALSA's website http://www.alsa-project.org/ and
see if you can find it there. I know they say it's supported, so it may
just be a matter of finding it, and copying it into the right directory.
Their documentation is pretty good, so that should be a good start. The
documentation of the module itself my be a help too.

Good luck.
Karl Oelschlaeger

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