[SATLUG] OpenOffice on CentOS4

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Sat Jul 8 20:40:17 CDT 2006

I am running the openoffice 2.x version from ther website, and have all
the fonts. You may need to add them with spadmin:


click on "Fonts", "Add..."

No stability problems here, also not on CentOS (we are using the 
64-bit version on our beowulf headnode).

> Are there any other list members using CentOS as their primary desktop
> computer?
> CentOS 4.3 ships with OpenOffice 1.1 (as does RHEL 4).  I really would
> prefer to use OpenOffice 2.0.
> With that goal in mind, I downloaded and installed OpenOffice 2.0 from
> the OpenOffice.org website, but it's really unstable, and has no
> anti-aliasing on any of the fonts.  It's ugly and crashes a lot.  Is
> there any way to get the same, smooth OpenOffice that I got used to on
> Fedora Core 5 and Ubuntu 6.06?  With my Ubuntu laptop I open OO and
> it's even got all the MS fonts that I installed, and the fonts look
> nice and smooth.
> Any pointers are greatly welcome.  I have a few other small issues but
> this is the one that's bugging me the most right now.
> Thanks
> Sean
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