[SATLUG] OT Harddrive recovery companies

Jesse Gonzalez jesse at liberto.org
Mon Jul 10 09:53:39 CDT 2006

We had a bad experience with SW Stars Data Recovery. I won't go into
details, but lawyers were involved.


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One of our campus TSRs needs some info on any harddrive recovery companies 
that anyone has used. A drive died and that department did not backup the 
information. :(

"I have a hard drive that has died-and there was no backup.  I was wondering

if anyone has had any experience with any 'data recovery' companies?  If so,

which one(s), where they able to recover any data, what kind of time frame 
and what kind of expense was incurred?  Any advice, information and/or input

would be greatly appreciated."

Tom King, UTHSCSA Travel

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