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On 7/12/06, pixelnate <pixelnate at gmail.com> wrote:
> Mitch Thompson wrote:
> > Cut and pasted from the IPCop mailing list. My .signature gets more
> > appropriate every day..:
> >
> > I wonder if this will affect IPcop.  Certainly it would be a reason to
> > make sure all development is done outside the USA ...
> >
> > ------- Included Stuff Follows -------
> > Insecure by design
> > By David Sugar
> > Online on: 11/07/2006
> >
> >    CALEA (Computer Assistance Law Enforcement) is quietly in the
> > background    of current news again, because the FBI is pushing
> > congress to mandate that    all future routing equipment manufactured
> > will include back doors for law    enforcement. Like in CALEA mandates
> > for telephone switching equipment,    such back doors require no
> > warrant to activate, and hence can be secretly    enabled at will.
> > Some vendors have already eagerly embraced CALEA inspired    backdoors
> > to internet routing equipment in anticipation of future    intercept
> > mandates, thereby already compromising the integrity and    security
> > their current and future customers. --------- Included Stuff Ends
> > ---------
> > More details and links here:
> > http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com/node/1671
> >
> They are going to mandate this so that they have full control of the
> grid. Make no mistake, the police state *is* coming. The RFID chip in
> your national ID card will be tracked everywhere you go, and they will
> know everything you do... anytime, anywhere. If it isn't RFID it will be
> some other technology. What do you think those neat little antennas are
> that sit under the signs on the highway? Sure, it serves as part of a
> lo-jack system now, but there are movements in the state legislature to
> mandate the use of RFID in all vehicle registration tags. These antennas
> will read those tags.
> It doesn't matter if you don't have anything to hide at the moment. Soon
> you will have no possibility to keep anything hidden.

Great funny post on this at StorageMojo:

"Massive Storage In Our Brave New World"
"Department of Family Security
Behavioral Analysis Division
Prediction and Notification Program
Washington, DC

April 1, 2016

Dear Mr Harris,

Pursuant to the provisions of the Defense of Family Act, the
Super-PATRIOT Act, the Safe Driving Act, the American Family
Self-Reliance Act and the Personal RFID Security Act, we are pleased
to send you this Notice of Significant Family Behavior Change
[End excerpt]


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