[SATLUG] modprobe at startup question...and sudo

Travis Mosley travisimo1993 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 25 11:13:35 CDT 2006

  I have Feather Linux running on a 166mhz Pentium with 32mb notebook, where all that's required to enable my sound is a modprobe sb as root (PS, to all of you, with Feather Linux even when it is HD installed you enter sudo <command> you can do whatever you want with no password even ifou set a password for the root account...scary...) so, I would like to know how to set it up way late in the boot process to almost done, where it would make my sound start working again every boot-up. Am I correct that I'm supposed to edit some /etc/rc.d*/* or I think it's.../etc/modprobe.conf to make it do my bidding but then what do I put in wherever? Sorry overwrite is on...EVIL IE from some EVIL OS.

Travis M

Fedora Core 5 Linux user (primarily)
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