[SATLUG] Buy MacPocket or IBook PC get free Ipod

Bob Tracy rct at gherkin.frus.com
Sat Jul 29 09:44:22 CDT 2006

Robert Pearson wrote:
> On 7/28/06, Nate Turnage <pixelnate at gmail.com> wrote:
> > And once they realize how outrageously expensive it is to be fully
> > vested in Apple gear they will build their own whitebox dual core PC
> > and run Ubuntu on it.
> I agree with you about Mac's being costly.

Ya know, I've never really understood the argument about Macs being
costly...  Have any of you in that camp *really* looked at the quality
of what's in the hardware package?  It's several cuts above the normal 
consumer grade crap that nearly all of us are willing to settle for in
the right context (which is frankly most of the time).

By our nature, we're hobbyists, and don't mind having British sports
cars for computers.  By that, I mean we don't mind having to spend a
fair amount of time futzing with our computers as opposed to simply
using them.  So, it doesn't matter that a $35 made-in-China power
supply with 20% electrical tolerances on the components, sleeve bearing
fans, disk drives with 90-day warranties, cases requiring up-to-date
tetanus shots because of the rough-cut sheet metal, etc. might cause
us a less than optimal computing experience...  We'd rather save the
money and spend it on something else.

On the other hand, if I'm buying a machine for a non-techie relative
and I don't want to spend every spare minute helping that relative cope
with the consequences of my niggardly ways, I'll get 'em a Mac and
instead listen to how happy they are with a machine that isn't giving
'em a lick of trouble.  The good experience isn't unique to Macs.  You
simply have to be willing to spend the money...  Toshiba laptops used
to be in my highly recommended category.  For all I know, they still
are: haven't seen the new ones.  Similarly, there's a reason that
server-grade hardware is significantly more expensive than the average

The cheaper machines have their place, and I've bought a lot of them
through the years.  It's difficult to justify spending more than you
really "have to" on something that's going to be all but obsolete in
2-3 years.  Ah, but that's the missing piece of the puzzle...  Is the
machine *really* going to be obsolete?  Or are you enamored with new
technology just for the sake of technology?  Maybe you're a hard-core
gamer and your 2-year-old POS can't keep up with the new game you just
spend $70 on :-).  On the other hand, I've got boxes put together from
components that are approx. 6-10 years old that run Win2K and WinXP
just fine.  You don't want to try playing Quake 4 on 'em, but they get
the job done otherwise...

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