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Wed Aug 22 11:03:12 CDT 2007

[Interesting concept. Similar to ZDNet's way to evaluate Blogs]
"What is slynkr?
slynkr is a technology news site where the community decides which
stories show up on the home page. Anyone can contribute news and
reviews about remarkable stuff. Everyone can vote for favorites, add
comments, and tag content."
[Very Interesting Feature is the "sort by" and "filter" tools]
"Posts    sort by: Freshness   filter by:   None"
[A lot of Sun posts but other interesting posts as well - for example]
How Google Works - [A Freshness "sort by" produced this interesting result]
: 382 clicks, 0 comments, 18 freshness points, 422 goodness points
Submission of type Article by swoodjr Jul 14, 2006 8:29:45 AM | Tags:
approach business google hot technology to
category: Companies/Google
"It's widely known that Google does things differently from most tech
companies. What isn't widely known is exactly what that means, since
Google is often tight-lipped with specifics. In this extensive
article, David Carr puts..."

[Adrian Cockcroft Source URL]
"Performance guru Adrian Cockcroft no longer works at Sun, but he did
still get an early crack at Sun's new Sun Fire x4500 ("Thumper")
machine as a beta tester.  No surprise, he took the opportunity to dig
beyond the system's surface and "it turned into a fascinating
investigation of the detailed behavior of the ZFS file system."  Read
on for details."

[Adrian Cockcroft ZFS Review]
Adrian Cockcroft on Sun ZFS and Thumper (x4500) - August 06, 2006

[rdpcomment - the comments at the bottom are Very_Interesting!]

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