[SATLUG] Re: [XCSSA] Open Source Fest 2008

Ed etillman93 at peoplepc.com
Sat Dec 1 08:04:11 CST 2007

Tom Weeks wrote:
> On Sunday 25 November 2007 22:58:31 David Kowis wrote:
>> Tom Weeks wrote:
>>> On Saturday 24 November 2007 12:15:46 xcssa-admin at xcssa.org wrote:
>>>> At http://cis.sac.accd.edu/~skolars/satlug/2008.html
>>>> <http://cis.sac.accd.edu/%7Eskolars/satlug/2008.html> you will find the
>>>> beginnings of the 2008 Open Source Fest.  The sessions are from the last
>>>> OSF.  I need to change the sessions.  A couple of people e-mailed me
>>>> earlier about sessions they would like to do--please e-mail me again so
>>>> I do not miss you.  If anyone else would like to present, please let me
>>>> know as soon as possible.
>>>> Tweeks: should I take the Rackspace stuff off?  Or, do you think they
>>>> would like to come this year?
>>> Eh.. I'll talk to them.. After last year's OSF at Kelly.. I might have to
>>> do some convising.. ;)  But we'll probably get someone...
>> What went wrong with last years OSF? I don't remember hearing about it
>> :/ And i'm curious.
> e
> Ask others what they thought.. but Saturday is usually "the big day" of past 
> OSF weeks, often with like 200 or so showing up.  Last year's OSF held at 
> Kelly USA, we only had a couple handfulls of folks show up on Saturday.  
> Talking with Steve and others.. we all thought that it was because of the 
> location.  Many reported that they didn't know about the Kelly location and 
> some even inadvertently showed up at SAC instead..  I think that's what Steve 
> and the others changed it back to SAC. 
> (comments from others very welcome)
> Tweeks
Where on Kelly did you host it.  I teach at the ACCD Advanced Technology 
Center, and they have somewhat of a rep in the district.  Y'might be 
able to negotiate with them for space, and the District for pointed 



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