[SATLUG] Partition tool for ext3, vfat32 and NTFS

gboswell gboswell at cis.sac.accd.edu
Sat Dec 1 15:17:33 CST 2007

I may be having mostly timers but I can't remember any partition tool
that will resize ext3, vfat32 and NTFS in the same product. I've used
partition Magic 8.0, Butt Saver tools and none really do them all, in
fact I can't  get one  to resize an ext3 partition in the middle of
partition set with NTFS and vfat32 at both ends.

I'm trying to ghost (term not product) a 120GB sata to a 250GB sata. EZ
drive allows the ghost and proportionally sizes up the XP  and fat32 but
will not change the ext3 partitions. I can resize NTFS and vfat with
PM8.2 and move the unallocated access around but nothing will resize the
ext3 partitions without corrupting them and one  that did resize  (and
corrupt ) ,also  killed  the NTFS  partition which was not changed.

I need to add since this is a notebook I'm using the usb port to do the
original  proportional  creation, then place in notebook for partition
resizing to avoid conflicts. If this has been covered else where just
say where.

Thanks for the feedback/laughter, but be careful Santa is watching........


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