[SATLUG] Partition tool for ext3, vfat32 and NTFS

gboswell gboswell at cis.sac.accd.edu
Sun Dec 2 07:35:29 CST 2007

> Try using a GParted LiveCD.  It can handle NTFS5 and even works on
> server versions of Windows (PM does not).  I've never tried it with
> that partition arrangement, but it is worth a shot.
> -Henry
Henry thank you thank you. I should have remembered qparted live.

It took from 3am till 11am this morning to finish but it did it 
perfectly on the USB sata drive. I just put it into my notebook to test 
and "everything" is perfect. I even did chkdsk on vfat and NTFS and fsck 
on the ext3 and everything checked out flawless.

Thanks for saving my mind from much frustration. I'm like a little kid 
with a new toy, the 250GB 2.5" sata drive. I plan to get another for my 
other sata notebook. Just need to make sure I have all night to let it 
run. Of course in the notebook, not on USB, it will probably run a lot 

Thanks again

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