[SATLUG] Partition tool for ext3, vfat32 and NTFS

gboswell gboswell at cis.sac.accd.edu
Sun Dec 2 11:22:29 CST 2007

 > I'm a newcomer to Ubuntu, so forgive me if this isn't 'on target' for 
your needs. Though it's not a partitioner, per se, I have found that 
Win4Lin handles both the ext3 and NTFS partitions well for its purposes. 
One could conceivably run it long enough to adjust partitions, then 
exit. If you're keeping NTFS partition to run Windows apps, then you 
could continue and do a full install of Windows in the created/adjusted 
NTFS partition.
 > It's a proprietary package, so costs around $50 US. But I find it to 
be superior to any other Windows 'emulator' for Linux. I'll be 
installing it on my system as soon as my new copy of Windows XP MCE 
arrives this coming week. I'll post a personal review as soon as it's up 
and running.
John thanks for the response. I was a user of win4lin several years a 
ago but migrated to VMWare server which is free and much more robust. In 
fact I had Virtual PC in the NTFS partition and VMWare server in the 
ext2 partitions. I Use both in my work, mainly demonstration for my 
classes. I have never installed VMWare  into ubuntu but several have so 
should be a snap for you. Go to www.vmware.com and select the Products 
and Server Virtualization Products and look at all the vmware apps 
available, and almost all are free.

Thanks again for the help.

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