[SATLUG] network+ training near san antonio

augie grayfox agrayfox at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 13:27:52 CST 2007

On Monday 03 December 2007 12:01, Zeb Fletcher wrote:
>> Just buy a good network + book.. Most classes or schools will have you read
>> the book and answer the questions in the back, if you get stumped on an
>> ideal or subject just mail the list I'm sure there are many here who could
>> and would answer. Also set up a small lab to test the concepts in the book,
>> Linux provides most services and protocols discussed in the Network + test.
>> Zeb
>> On 12/3/07, twistedpickles <twistedpickles at gmail.com> wrote:
>> >
>> > I'm looking to take a network+ class and I'm not interested in attending
>> > SAC
>> > or New Horizons. Any recommendations?
>> >
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>> > ::twistedPickles:: :
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All I did was buy the Network + book and self studied and was able to pass the 
test first time I tried. You can get a good deal off ebay.
		augie grayfox

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