[SATLUG] Dual Boot on Acer Aspire

pixelnate pixelnate at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 14:49:16 CST 2007

Walt DuBose wrote:
> I have found that the Ubuntu LiveCD (6.x) loads nicely on my new Acer 
> Aspire.
> The Aspire has an "C" drive of 90 GB with MS on it and a "D" Drive 
> (named Data) with 70 GB formatted.
> I would like to load Ubuntu on the 70 GB part. now and eventually 
> reformat the "C" drive with MS on it for Linux.
> Any experienced HowTo information would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Walt
Just start the install and reformat only the D drive. Because the drive 
already has 4 primary partitions, you can only create a "/" partition as 
a primary. I tried to have a "/" and a "/home" primary partitions, but 
the disk partitioner just wouldn't do it. So I created the root 
partition with all but 1Gb of the available space which I made a swap 
partition out of. The install was really easy. Just make sure that when 
you are setting up the keyboard, tell the setup utility that you have a 
"euro" symbol on the keyboard, other wise it and the dollar key right 
near it will become dead keys.

Also, if you figure out how to get the media keys on the right side of 
the keyboard working, please let me know. I cannot for the life of me, 
figure out how to set those keys up.

I just caught that you mentioned the v6.x live CD. I did my install with 
the alternate 64-bit CD. YMMV with the 32-bit or v.x disks.


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