[SATLUG] Dual Boot on Acer Aspire

Don Wright wmail at wricomp.com
Wed Dec 5 14:54:38 CST 2007

On Wed, 05 Dec 2007 14:17:34 -0600, Walt DuBose <dubose at texas.net>

>I have found that the Ubuntu LiveCD (6.x) loads nicely on my new Acer Aspire.
>The Aspire has an "C" drive of 90 GB with MS on it and a "D" Drive (named Data) 
>with 70 GB formatted.
>I would like to load Ubuntu on the 70 GB part. now and eventually reformat the 
>"C" drive with MS on it for Linux.

You can delete the unneeded D: partition either from Windows (Disk
Management in Computer Management) or from Linux. I prefer to delete
before resize (see below) because it keeps the partition table cleaner.
You can use any of the Linux tools (cfdisk, GParted, or the Ubuntu
installer) to create your new Linux partition when you're ready. Putting
Linux in "unallocated" space with the installer is safer than blindly
replacing an existing partition.

If you want to shrink the first partition, I still like GParted, either
in the [1]live CD version or the one included with most live distros.
One hint is to run the Windows [2]tools to defrag the drive, then check
for filesystem errors, and lastly boot the Linux CD and resize with
GParted. This cuts down on the failures during the resize process. Be
sure to check the GParted forums for warnings if you are running Vista,
as NTFS has changed again, making most earlier utilities obsolete.

Please pause and ask the list again if you get stuck.  --Don

[1] http://gparted-livecd.tuxfamily.org/

[2] Open My Computer, right-click on the drive icon, and pick
Properties. Click the Tools tab, click Check Now and check the box for
Automatically fix filesystem errors. During the scan Windows will say it
has to reboot to properly scan the drive. Tell it that's OK, finish the
dialogs, and reboot as soon as the tool finishes. Work through the
dialogs and get back to the Windows desktop.

Be well - or at least have interesting symptoms!

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