[SATLUG] linux multimedia tools

luis Garza luis at luisgarza.com
Fri Dec 7 23:49:02 CST 2007

Jonathan Hull wrote:
> On Nov 29, 2007 8:54 AM,  <travis+ml-satlug at subspacefield.org> wrote:
>> One more:
>> On Linux, I have had less success.  Every tool I have to even play
>> them actually craps out on "Lord of War" - mythtv built-in, xine,
>> mplayer, ogle.  Perhaps there's a DeCSS bug that it's tickling.  I
>> could eventually play it by jumping to chapter 1, but that's a "fix"
>> worthy of Microsoft.  DVDs shouldn't be able to DoS my mythtv box.
> I usually rip with vobcopy. It has worked on every disk I have tried
> (so far). However, all it does is strip the CSS and plop the vobs and
> such on the harddrive (using -m). If you need to shrink to DVD-5 or
> convert to another format then you will need some other tools.
OK.  I'll bite ... How do you shrink the DVD?

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