[SATLUG] Re: [XCSSA] Open Source Fest 2008

Ed etillman93 at peoplepc.com
Sat Dec 8 22:00:00 CST 2007

Don Wright wrote:
> On Sat, 01 Dec 2007 08:04:11 -0600, Ed <etillman93 at peoplepc.com> wrote:
>> Where on Kelly did you host it.  I teach at the ACCD Advanced Technology 
>> Center, and they have somewhat of a rep in the district.  Y'might be 
>> able to negotiate with them for space, and the District for pointed 
>> advertising...
> That's where it was. The ATC team handled the advertising, emails were
> sent on internal and external ACCD lists, plus the regular XCSSA and
> SATLUG lists, and even you didn't know about it.
> Kinda says it all.  --Don
Ok... Take II. Schedule it there again, but use radio advertising. I 
dunno what your budget is, but y'might be able to come in as a public 
service announcement...



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