[SATLUG] MAC Address Spoofing

Kase Saylor h_oudini at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 10 16:19:47 CST 2007

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Kase Saylor wrote:
>> I have an interesting problem. I would like to send out a bunch of UDP 
>> messages with spoofed IP addresses, but also with spoofed MAC addresses. 
>> I need to fool a switch into thinking that it is receiving a bunch of 
>> messages from a lot of machines (but without using a lot of machines). 
>> Anybody have any ideas on how to do this? Will I have to modify the NIC 
>> driver? Or perhaps there's somewhere else I can make this happen? Thanks 
>> for any help.
> man ifconfig
>        hw class address
>     Set the hardware address of this interface, if the device driver
> supports this operation.  The keyword must be followed by the name of
> the hardware class and the printable ASCII equivalent of the hardware
> address.  Hardware classes currently supported include ether
> (Ethernet),  ax25 (AMPR  AX.25), ARCnet and netrom (AMPR NET/ROM).
> example
> ifconfig hw ether 11:00:50:56:C0:01
> Disclaimer:  I haven't tried this.
>   -- Bruce
I saw this, but I need to change the MAC address many times in a short 
amount of time so that the switch thinks that it is receiving a lot of 
messages from a lot of devices. (I apologize for phrases like "a lot", 
"a short amount of time", but I don't know exactly what I need yet).


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