[SATLUG] Did anyone else get this email?

Dennis Myhand dmyhand at suddenlink.net
Mon Dec 10 17:19:28 CST 2007

Chris Lemire wrote:
> Did anyone else get a similar email? I'm just wondering how these people are getting my email, and I think it may be from this mailing list.
> Dear Chris, 
>   I found your contact details online while searching for linux/Unix Sys Admin and Engineers for our clients. We are a search firm and work for financial firms in London, Germany, NY and Asia. To this extent, a lot of our work is done through search rather than advertising, and I hoped we might be able to build a working relationship.
>   Current roles include Hedge Fund Unix engineer, Investment Bank Linux/Unix Sys admin - facing into Quant Development group. 
>   I hope we might hear back from you in due course! 
>   Best Regards, 
>   Mark Thatcher | Consultant 

Isn't Mark Thatcher the son of Margaret Thatcher?  I wonder what kind of 
  a UNIX engineer a Hedge Fund would require?  This sounds like some of 
the scams I have received with some of the wording changed to fit the 
Linux/UNIX SysAdmin world.  But, you won't know until you look into it 
further.  If they want money from you, tell them to piss up a rope. 
Peace, Dennis

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