[SATLUG] No XCSSA Meeting.. Doing XCSSA/SATLUG Mixer on Wed Dec 12th Instead

skolars skolars at cis.sac.accd.edu
Tue Dec 11 13:16:47 CST 2007

Hey all..

Tweeks here (sending from Stave Kolar's perty Mac laptop)... :)

Due to the timing of
things this year... there will be no regular Monday night XCSSA meeting 
this December.  Instead, we're joining the SATLUG Christmas Party 
mixer.  Talking to Steve... he says that we're more than welcome to come 
out and bring any X-otic hardware to show-n-play with.  There will be:
-Drinks (no booze please)
-Network installs
-X-otic UN*X hardware

and enough jolliness to go around.

Hope to see you all there (in SAC NTC 025).

ho ho ho..

XCSSA President

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