[SATLUG] vid card recommendation

Chris Lemire good_bye300 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 13 12:11:46 CST 2007

Compare the requirements for Crysis in Vista and Xp here. Crysis will only run on the highest settings in Vista. It is restricted in Xp. Releasing dx10 and attempting to make even non dx10 games such as Halo 2 work only in Vista is the plan by M$ to get you to buy Vista. I can play Crysis on high settings (not very high) at 1280x1024 and get over 30 fps. That game isn't worth spending so much money on a graphics card. Call of Duty 4 has much lower requirements and is probably the game of the year.

Sean Carolan <scarolan at gmail.com> wrote: On Dec 13, 2007 11:10 AM, Alex Bartonek  wrote:
> OMG!! what has this world come to??? $500 video
> cards??!??!  thats some hardcore stuff.

$500?  You'll need $1800 to run crysis on "high" settings:


Don't even get me started on the $4500 World of Warcraft laptop.  The
funny part is WoW will run at max settings even on sub-$100 graphics
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