[SATLUG] vid card recommendation

Alex Bartonek bartonekdragracing at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 13 13:31:16 CST 2007

--- Ernest De Leon <edeleonjr at gmail.com> wrote:

  If your PC gaming needs are
> modest, as I assume
> (from your posts) they are, then just get a lower
> end NVidia like an 8600 or
> 8700 series or even a higher end 7900 series from a
> generation ago.  That
> should suit you fine.  I run a 7950 GT that i picked
> up cheap on ebay.  It
> runs like a champ.
> Ernest

I think an 8600 based vid card at newegg was $59.  My
gaming concern is also for something like Call of Duty
4 etc, but main priority is that it works perfect
under linux.



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