[SATLUG] GIMP perl module issue/ OT internet observation

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri Dec 14 03:47:11 CST 2007

On 12/14/07, dvmail at texas.net wrote:

>  This is classic... Notice the wording... "No other elected official...
>  has made a greater contribution..." Since when do cheerleaders win
>  football games? What are cheerleaders remembered for ?

Gore was more than a cheerleader.  He held a number of roles during 
that period of time, including chairman of important committees 
overseeing the development of the Internet, controlling funding for 
the Internet, and he was pretty deeply involved in the high level 
work being done from an early stage.

Instead of the role of cheerleader, think of a role more like 
chairman of the board.  And there have been a few chairmen of the 
board that have been well-remembered.

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