[SATLUG] Client TOS Notification - scomp@aol.net?

Ed etillman93 at peoplepc.com
Sat Dec 15 12:40:08 CST 2007

Geoff wrote:
> John Chalinder wrote:
>> I finally went to my bank and asked if they could stop the automatic 
>> withdrawals, and they told me they could only shut it off if they got 
>> a note from AOL saying the account was closed. So, my last resort was 
>> to close my bank account.
> The only difference in our stories is that I was able to sign an 
> affidavit at my Credit Union, that declared "Aol can no longer take 
> funds from this account". Unfortunately, the Credit union failed to 
> put the 'note' on the account, and AO(@#$%ing)Hell got an extra 2 
> months due to fiscal calendar changes, but I got the rest refunded.
> This was back in 1996 or 97. 
I had the same problem when I was with AOL, also back in the '90s...  
After about 3 months, I discovered a local ISP (STIC, then...) I could 
use for 1/3 AOL's price, and had to close my bank account to stop AOL 
from getting further payments, as AOL customer service wouldn't kill the 
account either via (paid) phone calls or responding to emails. So, 
they're still doing that today?



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