[SATLUG] bug with flash in linux

Ed etillman93 at peoplepc.com
Sat Dec 15 13:25:43 CST 2007

Ed wrote:
> Samuel Leon wrote:
>> Chris Lemire wrote:
>>> There appears to be a bug with the Linux version of Flash. Is anyone 
>>> able to render this site properly in Linux? One of my friends said 
>>> he was going to install Firefox in Wine to view that website. Also 
>>> there's been debate, and many people are saying that Firefox runs 
>>> faster in Wine than it does natively in Linux.
>>> http://www.tm-united.com/eng/
>>>        ---------------------------------
>>> Never miss a thing.   Make Yahoo your homepage.
>> Yuck. I almost typed a giant rant on how I hate flash websites, but I 
>> guess I will hold off for now.  But no, that site doesn't work in 
>> konqueror either and it is fully standards compliant.
>> Sam
> Site doesn't render in Opera either.  Hm.  I wonder if Firefox's 
> Agent-Switcher is still out there, and if it would render the site as 
> an IE?
Addendum to this post:  How odd... I can get the site to render properly 
in IE, FF and Op on my older Windoze 2k server, but not, under any 
conditions or on any browser on my Linux laptop (including installing FF 
User Agent Switcher, and setting it to render the site as Windows Vista, 
IE 7).  However, I'm also currently (as I write) watching an episode of 
CSI on CBS.com via Adobe Flash Player 9 - on my Linux laptop.  Somehow, 
I don't think the problem is with the Linux/Flash combination, but, 
rather, something with the site.



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