[SATLUG] having two video cards with linux

Daniel J. Givens daniel at rugmonster.org
Sun Dec 16 13:22:35 CST 2007

Chris Lemire wrote:
> My friends computer has two video cards. The better one is used for wintendo because it is good for gaming. That card has issues with Linux. It is ATI. I'd like to use the onboard Nvidia card instead for installing Ubuntu 64 bit Linux to his 80 gb hard drive. How can I get Ubuntu to use that card instead of the ATI? I'll be installing Ubuntu when I am finished downloading it.

Most systems that have an onboard video chipset and a PCIe or AGP slot 
will only function with one or the other. There may be an option in the 
CMOS to use the onboard chipset and ignore the ati card. Most systems 
I've seen though just won't use the onboard chipset if there is a video 
card installed.

Have you tried the latest ati drivers? They are getting much better than 
the steaming piles ati put out before.

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